How to trade?

If you want to make profit form EURUSD you have two options:

  • Go to the nearest bank or change , Sell USD and Buy EUR. If within the next hour the EUR is 1% up against the USD you will have profit of 1%. But you have to go again to the bank, sell the EUR, so on … Still more, if you have 1 000 USD you can buy EUR for not more than 1 000 USD.
  • Open Buy position EURUSD in Bonotrader. If within the next hour the EUR is 1% up against the USD you will have profit of 200%. Just press Close. What is more, if you have 1 000 USD, you can open positions for up to 200 times more than your initial investment.

Wonder how is this possible? It's because of the leverage. Check out more in The BONO Rules. But before that open an account:

How to open a new DEMO account?

Test your flair for trading with a risk free demo account. Start practicing with virtual money in real time. This way you will learn how to trade with gold, oil, indexes and currencies without the risk of losing your own money.

When you register in BONO, you automatically get an activated demo account with virtual 10 000 euro.

You can add as many as you want demo accounts.

In order to open a new demo account, use the tab "Manage Accounts" in the upper right corner, then go to the "Demo Accounts" menu and click on the Add button.

The Demo accounts in BONO are set in EUR by default, this is why the result of your trades will be automatically recalculated in EUR.

Important! Gold and oil are priced in US dollars. When you DEMO trade, you will see a difference between the buy and sell prices and the final result, because it will be recalculated in EUR. When you open a real trading account, you can choose its currency between EUR or USD.

How to open a REAL trading account?

Start trading for real with only 100 USD / 100 EUR initial investment. You can open as many real accounts as you want.

Go to the “Real Accounts” menu. Click on the Add button.

  1. Choose “I want to create new account”
  2. Enter the currency of the account you want to trade with
  3. Choose Margin level
  4. Fill in your personal data
  5. To receive bonus, write in the field "Comment" the name of the bonus you want. You can find more information here: Trading Bonuses

Super demo account

Start trading with risk free demo account!